Info for Dentists

Information for Dentists

Dental implants are now a well established option for the replacement of missing teeth. The use of implants should always be considered as an alternative to conventional bridges since they are much less destructive to the natural teeth and are more durable than resin bonded (adhesive) bridges.

Fully edentulous patients should always be offered the option of implants to retain the prosthesis and this can often be done in a very cost effective way – for example, two mandibular implants and retentive ball anchors with an overdenture. Implants can be considered as routine treatment before alveolar resorption is severe rather than being just a solution to difficult cases. When placed earlier rather than later, longer implants can be used and bone loss can be halted. The insertion of implants should be given consideration even before all the teeth are finally removed as immediate dentures can often be fitted directly onto implants.

There are many different implant systems available but only two or three systems have a substantial body of published scientific evidence which confirms very high success rates over extended clinical trials. You may wish to check that implants used in your patients have been subjected to rigorous scientific scrutiny over at least ten years. For example, the ITI ® Dental Implant system is supported by well over a thousand scientific papers spanning twenty years of clinical and laboratory research and over one million ITI ® implants have been inserted worldwide

If you wish to refer a patient for a consultation, please send a short referral letter to Budapest HealtCare Center (BHC) via our free consultation formular. If appropriate, the patient will be provided with implant retained restorations and then returned to you for continuing care and any other treatment required. No other treatment will be carried out without your prior approval.